As a participant in ACE-IT in College, will I get a college degree from VCU?

No. VCU offers many opportunities for 'special status students' who want to take classes part-time. ACE-IT in College is one of those opportunities. If you are accepted into VCU under ACE-IT in College, you will earn a certificate from the School of Education. To earn the certificate, you will take classes, participate in campus employment, and complete an internship.

How do I pick my classes?

Once accepted into ACE-IT in College, a meeting will be held (called a person-centered planning meeting) with you, your family and friends, and any service providers working with you (for example, your IEP team, your CSB and/or your DARS case manager). At this meeting, the staff will learn more about you, your career interests, and your support needs. After the meeting, an academic advisor will work with you to choose classes from the VCU course catalog that match your career and personal interests. Every semester an academic advisor will meet with you to see how your classes are going and to help you select your classes for the next semester.

Do I have to pass my classes?

ACE-IT in College students audit all but one class (UNIV 101). Regardless of class type, students are responsible for completing all coursework, but do not receive a final grade at the end of the semester. All classes taken for audit appear on VCU transcripts as "AU".

What do I do if I need support and accommodations in class and on campus?

The supports and accommodations students are eligible for in college may be very different than what they had under an IEP in high school. Students accepted into ACE-IT in College will need to register with VCU's Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity (SAEO) Office on campus by sharing documentation of a disability. ACE-IT staff will assist all accepted students with this process. More information is available on the VCU SAEO website.

What is an education coach?

An education coach is a VCU student trained to support ACE-IT in College students as they navigate classes and campus. Education coaches typically assist with note taking, clarification of concepts, organization and classroom participation. They help students communicate with professors and peers to better understand homework or assignments. Students and education coaches meet at least once a week.

Do I have to pay tuition and fees for my courses?

Students will be required to pay regular VCU tuition by credit hour and other college related fees and expenses, including ACE-IT in College fees. Information on current VCU tuition costs is located at VCU Student Accounting. Tuition does not include fees for books and other expenses.

Additional resources for navigating college costs can be found on VCU's Financial Aid Office website.

Can I live on or near the VCU campus?

VCU is fully committed to supporting diversity, including students with disabilities, on campus. There is strong support from VCU administrators, faculty, and staff who are helping to put all of the ACE-IT in College components in place. However, the program does not offer a residential component. Students seeking to live independently can explore multiple, non-university housing options close to the VCU campus. All students participating in ACE-IT in College are from the Greater Richmond metro region, and have traditionally participated in college as commuter students.

How much should I expect to pay for program fees and tuition each semester?

Fees and tuition vary from semester to semester based upon the number of credits and type of activities students engage in throughout the semester. Refer to the chart below for a breakdown of fees and tuition. All amounts are subject to change. Program fees allow for program stability and quality supports and services.

Semester ACE-IT Program Fees VCU Tuition and Fees
Program fees cover academic, employment, and program faculty support. Estimate ONLY. Dependent on # of credit hours and based on 2023-24 VCU tuition and fee rates.
Summer Year 1 $4,994 $631 (1 credit)
Fall Year 1 $4,994 $3,786 (6 credits)
Spring Year 1 $4,994 $3,786 (6 credits)
Fall Year 2 $4,944 $3,786 (6 credits)
Spring Year 2 $4,944 $2,524 (4 credits)
Summer Year 3
(Non-academic Post-grad semester)
$4,944 $631 (1 credit)
Fall Year 3
(Non-academic Post-grad semester)
$4,944 $631 (1 credit)
Total $34,608 $15,775

What happens if I cannot pay my semester bill?

Students must pay all ACE-IT and VCU bills in full before registering for the next semester. Delays in registration significantly disrupt academic progress and employment.