What ACE-IT in College Students are Saying

  • I really love my coach. She got to know me really well. She teaches me in a way that I can learn better. She made flashcards, goes over the topic, sits down after each class and makes a list of what we talked about in class and we talk about each one.
  • I'm not really a book person but after taking a children's literature class I started to read more and enjoy it more.

The thing I like about being a VCU student is:

  • Being a regular student, going to school and learning
  • I love college and being at VCU
  • I like it because I'm around kids my age
  • Learning new things

What VCU Faculty are Saying

  • I love your program. All people need equal access depending on their abilities and I'm glad VCU is affording that opportunity. It's been a blessing to me to be able to encourage, support, teach, help persons with different ranges of abilities.
  • The student was an excellent addition to my class. I could always count on her to participate even when other students did not. I appreciated the example she set for her peers.
  • Even though the student was only auditing the class, he had perfect attendance and turned in his assignments on time. He was a joy to teach and had one of the highest grades in the class!
  • The education coach was a great asset. He made sure that the student understood the assignments, when they were due, and communicated with me throughout the semester to ensure that the student was on track with his progress.

What Parents are Saying

  • I am so thankful for this program because it has opened doors for my son that would not have been open to him without having gone to VCU.
  • Watching her have some success in an academic setting - it's done wonders for her self-esteem and for her maturity.
  • It allows him to continue to expand his world. So many folks with ID stay at home or are stuck in a job that does not allow them to grow and change. ACE-IT helps you grow!
  • Everything that was brought up as a concern for my son was listened to and adhered to in the selection of the coaches and classes.
  • The ability to have him experience a college campus setting and meeting new friends and all of the ideas and activities going on have really helped him open up. He is much more outgoing since the program and has pride that he is attending VCU.
  • He studies on his own and he is more social. These are things that did not happen before he went to VCU.
  • The best part of the ACE-IT in College program is having my son in a college environment where he takes regular college courses.