Education Coaches

Education Coaches Support Learning

Education coaches are specially trained VCU students who provide individualized academic support. They can assist students with things like note taking, reinforcing class concepts, and communicating with peers and instructors. One goal for all ACE-IT students is for interactions with education coaches to shift and change during the program. Many students find that as they become more independent, connected, and comfortable in college, they need decreasing education coach support. This process of fading varies based on the student, so ACE-IT staff regularly checks in with students and families regarding support needs.

ACE-IT students are encouraged to engage in activities at VCU beyond classes and work. Peer supports are VCU peers who spend time with ACE-IT students doing all of this “other stuff” that happens in college. They can help students get more involved in campus activities and connect meaningfully with college peers. The VCU TelegRAM lists some of the special events students can participate in on campus, and VCU myORGS has a comprehensive list of VCU’s many student organizations.